Scorpion Mezcal’s award winning sampler gift box contains four 200ml bottles of Scorpion Mezcal Silver, each bottle containing a different variety of 100% de agave Mezcal.


Included in the varietal bottles are:


Scorpion Mezcal Silver Tobalá Agave Potatorum

Type: Tobalá Agave 

Botanical Name: Potatorum

Fresh aromas of dill weed, kiwi and freshly mown grass, along with a moderated ashiness. Along with the dill, young and green flavors continue to green grapes, cilantro, lemongrass and anise, all overlayed with a smoky richness. 


Scorpion Mezcal Silver Barril Karwinskii

Type: Barril Agave 

Botanical Name: Karwinskii (Madecuixe)

Because of Karwinskii’s lower sugar content it takes about 14 kilos to make just one liter of this mezcal. This bottle offers notes of agave, sugar, honey and vanilla.


Scorpion Mezcal Silver Tequilana Weber

Type: Blue Agave

Botanical Name: Tequilana Weber

Made from the most famous agave, most commonly used to make tequila, this mezcal is sweet and spicy offering notes of dried fruit and vanilla.


Scorpion Mezcal Silver Espadin 

Type: Espadin Agave 

Botanical Name: Angustafolia

A truly classic mezcal, this varietal is spicy with a sweetness, it  offers smoky notes with flavors of agave. This bottle has earned several awards including Gold and 96 points from The Beverage Testing Institute and Best Mezcal Food & Wine Magazine.

Scorpion Mezcal Sampler Box