This collection was hand seleceted by our resident Sake Sommelier, Deb Mortillario for her Specialty Sake class. 


____ Kitsukura Tamayrura "Rhythmic Droplets" Junmai Sparkling

Nagano, Japan - $17.54 300ml

Brewery: Kitsukura Shuzo 

Type: Sparkling

Tangy, refreshing taste of yu zu and white Grapefruit, the reveals rounder flavors of peach and apricot. 


____ Tsukinowa Yoi-no-Tsuki “Midnight Moon” Daiginjo

Iwate, Japan - $19.46 300ml

Brewery: Tsukinowa Brewery

Type: Daiginjo

Rice: Ginginga

Aromatic, soft textured, and smooth. Notes of ripe raspberry, melon, daphne, dried flowers, sour rice, and wet concrete. Displays a mild sweetness upon impact, but the finish is compact and dry.


____ Hakuyou “Rising Dragon” Toryru

Fukushima, Japan - $33.27 720ml

Brewery: Hakuyou

Type: Tokubetsu Junmai

Rice: Chiyo-nishiki

Rising Dragon gives off immediate scent of wild and flourishing sweet mash with a hint of dryness. Soft and mild initial taste is followed by a flare of spicy sweetness taking over the pallet.


____ Fukugao “Snow Grass” Koshino Yukiwariso Honjozo 

Niigatam, Japan - $15.08 300ml

Brewery: Fukugao Shuzo

Type: Honjozo Namachozo

Rice: Gohyakumangoku

Smooth and clean and dry displaying a mellow palate with a slight spice along the tongue. Slightly fragrant with very subdued aromas.

Speciality Sake Collection



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