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Country: Salles d'Armagnac, France


Our Armagnacs are aged in barrels crafted by our local coopers and made from Gascon oak, which comes from the nearby Southwestern forests. With this experiment, we desired to enhance the remarkable aromas typical of Gascon oak with a double maturation in new barrels.

Distillation: single distilled in a traditional Armagnacais column still to 58% vol.

Maturation: Aged a minimum of 4 years in two maturations, earning the name “Double Oaked.” The first aging is done in heavily toasted new Gascon oak; the second in new Gascon oak with a special toasting level.

Tasting Notes: The palate is rich with toasted bread, cacao, spices, and roasted flavors.

Enjoy: neat, paired with dessert, or in an Old Fashioned Cocktail.

Dartigalongue Bas Double Oak

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