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Tamayura Sparkling is created by capturing the naturally occurring carbonation of fermentation. Its crisp citrus acidity and pinpoint bubbles lift the sake to a palate refreshing new level. Perfect for dessert or served in a flute with a lemon twist.


Tasting Notes

Body: Light
Sake Meter Value: -20
Serving Temp: Chilled
Flavor Profile:
Aromas of Yuzu, White Grapefruit, Peach, Yogurt; Junmai grade creates richness and underlying sweetness; streams of lively bubbles accent creamy citrus flavors, refresh the palate.

Food Pairings:
Savory Crepes | Prosciutto Wrapped Melon | Lemon Ricotta Cake | Bruschetta with Blueberries


Rice Type: Miyama-Nishiki
Milling Rate: 70%
Yeast: Nagano Kyokai #901
Alc by Vol: 8%

Kitsukura Tamayrura "Rythmic Droplets" Junmai Sparkling 300ml

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