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  • Nakagawa Brewery is located on Tottori Prefecture's rugged Sea of Japan coastline. With few sake brewers in Tottori, supporting local sake rice strains and farmers is important to maintaining Nakagawa's traditional style, long enjoyed by the locals.

  • Tasting Notes

    Body: Medium +
    Sake Meter Value: +4
    Serving Temp: Cellar | Warm
    Flavor Profile:
    Rich palate, medium full-bodied with grainy malty notes; sweet clover and honey aromas at room temperature

    Food Pairings:
    Snow Crab Shabu Shabu | Miso Ramen | Grillled Oysters | Steamed Clams | Yakitori | Mushroom Pizza

  • Details

    Rice Type: Tamasakae
    Milling Rate: 65%
    Alc by Vol: 17%

Pure Grain (Komedake)

    • Brewery: Nakagawa
    • Type of Sake: Junmai (Premium)
    • ABV: 15%
    • Volume: 1800ml
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