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Sacred Mist from Miyashita Brewery is produced the traditional way where the raw, unfiltered sake is pressed through only a very rough filter. This method plus the addition of a small amount of jozo alcohol creates a more flavorful brew.


Tasting Notes

Body: Full
Sake Meter Value: -5
Serving Temp: Chilled
Flavor Profile:
Rich palate, mildly-sweet, slightly acidic, smooth texture of finely-milled chocolate, flavors of coconut, mango, sweet confections, yoghurt

Food Pairings:
Korean Barbecue | Szechuan-style Spicy Foods | Japanese Curry | Red Bean Paste Dessert


Rice Type: Akebono Rice
Milling Rate: 70%
Yeast: Kiyokai #7
Alc by Vol: 15.8%

Sacred Mist (Honjozo Nigori)

    • Brewery: Miyashita
    • Type of Sake: Honjozo Nigori (Unfiltered Premium) 
    • ABV: 15.8%
    • Volume: 720ml
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