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Miyashita Brewery est 1909 is located in Okayama City, Okayama Pref., one of Japan's finest agricultural areas. Celebrated for its mild weather, soft water, oysters, melons and ultra-high quality sake rice, Treasure Ship is a refined, modern-style Ginjo sake for everyday drinking.


Tasting Notes

Body: Medium-
Sake Meter Value: +3
Serving Temp: Chilled
Flavor Profile: Aromas of ripe melon, cherry blossom, bamboo leaf, steamed white rice; graceful, mildly dry flavors complimented by smooth, refreshing hints of alcohol.

Food Pairings: Sashimi | Grilled Whitefish | Tofu | Prosciutto and Melon


Rice Type: Yamada-Nishiki
Milling Rate: 60%
Yeast: Kiyokai #9
Alc by Vol: 15-16%

Treasure Ship (Takara Fune)

    • Brewery: Miyashita 
    • Type of Sake: Junmai Ginjo (Super Premium)
    • ABV: 15%
    • Volume: 300ml
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