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One of Japan's smallest breweries and survivor of the 2011 Fukushima earthquake, their three-man crew is focused on small-batch sake of extremely high-quality and style. They are connected to Japan’s culinary scene, commited to learning and sharing with top chefs.

Their dignified sake provide a sense of presence, impact and refinement.


Tasting Notes

Body: Medium+
Sake Meter Value: +4
Serving Temp: Chilled | Cellar
Flavor Profile:
Smooth, lush, creamy rich texture, mild graininess, almond flower, layers of ripe peach and pear, razor-smooth finish with deep spicy warmth

Food Pairings:
Ankimono Monkfish | Maine Lobster Rolls | Vegetarian Tempura | Simmered Daikon with Pork Miso Sauce


Rice Type: Chiyo-Nishiki
Milling Rate: 55%
Yeast: # F-7
Alc by Vol: 16%

White Sun (Hakuyou) 300ml

    • Brewery: Hakuyou
    • Type of Sake: Junmai Ginjo (Super Premium)
    • ABV: 17%
    • Volume: 1800ml
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